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We the People

by Craig Jordan Music

This show was inspired by a visit to the Constitution Center in Philadelphia, PA.  From the birth of our nation to the challenges of the Civil War.  From the waves of immigration and the right to vote for women to the Civil Rights movement.  Our system of checks and balances of our Constitution have shaped America.  The first movement has melodic content from great Patriotic music of America the Beautiful, Stars and Stripes Forever, When Johnny Comes Marching Home and the Battle Hymn of the Republic.  The second movement is based on our National Hymn, "God of Our Fathers."  Movement 3 is entitled, "We are America" and has multi cultural themes, representing the major waves of immigration to our great nation.  The show concludes with "America the Beautiful."  Interweave this program with great inspirational quotes of Past Presidents and Leaders for a program that will inspire every American!